City Budget

Melvin knows that balancing a city budget is not just a math problem – it is a question of values.

In order to address the challenges that Saint Paul faces, we need to think of new ways to drive revenues and investments into our city. We cannot ask our residents to pay more than they can afford, but we cannot afford to cut the critical services our neighbors rely on.

We need to build our budget around our vision of the city for the next decade, not just the next budget cycle.

Saint Paul needs a mayor focused on bringing in new businesses to grow our tax base, rather than pitting taxpayers and city services against one another.

As Mayor, Melvin will:

  • Maximize efficient, effective delivery of city services for all neighborhoods.
  • Realign city departments to refocus on the people they serve.
  • Join our legislative delegation to advocate strongly for more support at the State Capitol.
  • Fast-track growth and job-creation by tapping into Saint Paul’s greatest asset: our own residents, workers, and entrepreneurs.
  • Listen to community input to make smart decisions about raising revenue.