Building Saint Paul’s Future:

People, Places, and Partnership

What Saint Paul families need most are good-paying jobs. As Mayor, I’ll invest in People, Places, and Partnership to help make living wage jobs a reality for every Saint Paul family.


Everyone in Saint Paul deserves access to a brighter future through high-quality education and workforce training.


  • We will support efforts to expand schools that offer high-quality education along with a wide array of supportive services for children and families in every neighborhood throughout our city.
  • Working together, we will prepare our residents to secure good-paying jobs, but put them on a path to creating their own businesses and new jobs right here in Saint Paul.
  • We will stand up for our workers by fighting for a $15 minimum wage. No one working full-time should have to raise his/her family in poverty.   


We will work to make Saint Paul a destination for families, businesses, and organizations to plant their roots. Our vision is to create aligned learning communities that prepare our young people to go anywhere and compete in a global economy and a city so vibrant and rich with opportunity, they choose to plant their roots and grow their families here, in Saint Paul.


  • We will create flexible work spaces to meet the needs of new and existing businesses and neighborhoods that offer safe transportation options from driving and busing to biking and walking. We will work to make Saint Paul a destination for families, businesses, and organizations to plant their roots. 
  • New development along the Green Line has demonstrated the incredible potential to add density, tax base, and community assets along key corridors throughout our city. As new transit lines connect our neighborhoods to the historic Union Depot, we will encourage the kind of transit-oriented development and placemaking that the market, and families, demand and deserve.
  • As we create new spaces, we will ensure they reflect our shared Saint Paul values and diverse cultural communities. We are fortunate to have a city that is incredibly rich in diversity, yet we haven’t fully realized it. We need to capitalize on those strengths and embrace our identity as a global microcosm, ensuring that we are welcoming and inclusive to all of our residents.


Too often, city staff are set up to play the role of referee; as projects and new developments move forward, they blow the whistle when things go out of bounds. I will work with city staff to make it clear that when people want to invest in our city – whether residents or business owners – our job is to roll out the red carpet and ask how we can help.

Together, we will transform our approach from reactive referee into proactive champion, coach, and teammate for investors large and small. Residents and businesses will have a true partner in City Hall, working to help them succeed.

  • If a business owner wants to open a new restaurant or storefront, our staff will work right alongside them to explain what steps to take, make the process as smooth as possible, and help achieve their goals.  
  • If a homeowner wishes to improve his/her property, our staff will walk them through the process and navigate the often-complicated rules and regulations.
  • We will work to streamline the process for issuing permits and licenses, removing barriers to investment.

Community Policing

Our most precious and invaluable public safety asset is the trust that flows between our officers and our community. Sadly, this fragile trust has been damaged, both in Saint Paul and across the country, in ways that hurt all of us. We must work together to rebuild, strengthen, and protect all of our faith and confidence in our police department. 

I possess a unique perspective on our department.  As the son of a retired officer, I grew up praying daily for the safety of our Saint Paul Police.  As an African American man, I have personally experienced racial profiling and unexplainable police stops since I was 16 years old. These experiences have fueled my passion and work on quality, accountable policing over the past 10 years.

As a City Council Member, I advocated for police accountability in the aftermath of the Republican National Convention in Saint Paul, and worked with our former chief to rewrite our department’s policies governing taser use. 

As an advisor to Governor Dayton, I worked to inform the Governor’s perspective and statements, facilitated realtime communication with protestors and other public stakeholders, and helped set up the Governor’s Council on Law Enforcement and Community Relations after Philando Castile was killed by police this past summer.

As Mayor, I will work closely with our Chief to implement community policing best practices, including:

  • Ensure Saint Paul remains a Sanctuary City, and that our police are never called upon to enforce federal immigration policy. 
  • Eliminate racial, religious, and every other type of profiling so no one in our community ever feels targeted by police.
  • Implement Character-Based hiring practices that focus on identifying and recruiting individuals with the quality character and temperament, who have a stake in our community and reflect the diversity of our city’s neighborhoods. 
  • Leverage mobile technology and neighborhood partner organizations to make it easier to provide feedback about an officer’s performance. 
  • Decriminalize mental health and addiction issues by equipping officers with training and resources to help people in crisis get the help they need. 
  • Encourage, incentivize and reward officers for volunteer hours served in our city’s schools, rec centers, libraries and neighborhood organizations.
  • Maximize transparency and accountability of our Internal Affairs and Civilian Review process, and foster public, ongoing dialog about the role and relationship of police in our community, including public reporting of aggregate level information about our Civilian Review process. 

Finally, I’ll work with our Police Chief to review documents like President Obama’s 21st Century Policing Task Force report; the Saint Paul City Attorney’s 2015 audit of the Saint Paul Police Civilian Internal Affairs Review Commission; the historic 2001 agreement between our police department and the Saint Paul NAACP; and guidelines and best practices issued by the US Department of Justice, for every opportunity to improve police practices and restore trust in Saint Paul.