Building a Saint Paul that works – for all of us

We are building a city that works for all of us by betting on the limitless potential of our children, families, workers, businesses, and neighborhoods – especially those who have historically been left out of the opportunities our city has to offer.


Whether it’s raising the minimum wage, ensuring everyone can access secure, stable, affordable housing, expanding access to our parks, recreation centers, and libraries, or starting every child born in our city with $50 in a college savings account, we are realizing the incredible vision that we’ve built together.


I am thrilled to be your teammate in the work ahead as we continue building a city that works for all of us. 


–  Melvin

The vision we’re building together

Investing in our Community-First Public Safety Plan

Our Community First Public Safety Framework seeks to transcend crime response to build a compelling crime reduction strategy for Saint Paul – informed by deep public engagement and published academic research – that identifies and addresses root causes of neighborhood safety concerns. Our investments include efforts that enhance the capacity of our public safety systems, improve community connectivity and supports, and design our public spaces for safety.

Addressing our housing crisis

To ensure everyone in our community can access secure, stable, affordable housing we created a $10 million Affordable Housing Trust Fund, with a new ongoing $2 million annual investment. Combined with existing city and federal resources this investment totals $71 million in housing investments in affordable housing to be deployed over a 3-year period.

Building our 21st century community at the former Ford Site

Following more than a decade of planning work with neighbors and our entire city, we’re working to redevelopment the 122-acre former Ford Site into a 21 century global community. The redevelopment will generate $1 billion in added property tax value and will generate an estimated $27 million to finance affordable housing in our community, and the ability to fund up to $115 million in additional affordable housing over the next two decades.

Growing our community wealth

Our new Office of Financial Empowerment is working to address the underlying causes of financial instability in our community by focusing on community wealth building efforts. This work includes coordinating financial education and wealth-building and implementing our fair housing policy agenda which will support support protections to address the threat of housing discrimination against low-income renters, residents on public subsidies, and returning residents. 

Starting every child born in Saint Paul with a college savings account

On January 1, 2020, we launched CollegeBound Saint Paul, a new citywide program that will place $50 in a college savings account for every child born in Saint Paul.

Adapting to the harmful effects of climate change

We developed our Climate Action & Resilience Plan to ensure we’re building a sustainable and resilient city for our children and grandchildren.

Raising the minimum wage

We raised the minimum wage in our city to ensure everyone can access the prosperity our city has to offer.

Expanding access our libraries, parks and recreation centers

To ensure everyone in our community can access our libraries, parks, and recreation centers, we expanded our free programming and eliminated late fines.

Expanding our ability to provide critical emergency response services

We expanded our mental health co-responder program to ensure we can connect people to the support and resources they need. We also expanded our Basic Life Support Services Unit to ensure our emergency responders can focus on emergency situations.

Investing in our streets, sidewalks and bikeways

Our streets, sidewalks and bikeways are how we connect people to opportunity and we’ve expanded our investments to ensure we are addressing our short term needs, while we look towards long term investments to ensure our infrastructure continues to keep all of us connected.

Keeping families safe and together

To keep families in our community safe and together, we invested in an immigrant legal defense fund and created a new immigrant support services position in our City Attorney’s Office.

Building a Saint Paul that works –

For all of us